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Cappella, Saragolla and Marzellina are common wheat varieties common to Sannio's cereal areas. Cappella is a cereal used mainly for the production of pasta and bread. Saragolla is one of the oldest varieties of hard wheat grown. Marzellina is a variety of hard wheat from the top culmo just over one meter long, late sowing, is used mainly for the production of pasta.


Cardone is a vegetable similar to artichoke, whose leaves are slightly larger and hold, characterized by a very delicate flavor. It is very present in the beneventan gastronomic tradition, so that it is one of the main ingredients of a soup made with meatballs, eggs and pine nuts, imperceptible on all the beneventan tables on Christmas Eve Day.


The artichoke of Pietrelcina is well-liked for its tenderness and its delicate flavor, which Pietrelcines celebrate in a festival held in May of each year.


The fruit is medium-small, slightly flattened, slightly asymmetrical, highly nutritious due to the high content of vitamins (B1, B2, PP and C) and minerals (potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese) rich in fiber , regulates intestinal functions, is diuretic, especially suitable for children.


The fruit of medium size, pulp and yellow-straw peel ripening, with a sweet and aromatic flavor. She graduated in the second decade of September.


The Limoncella apple is an irregularly shaped fruit, between the ellipsoidal and the small-sized cylindrical; its skin is yellowish green. Its pulp is white, compact, juicy and aromatic, characterized by a slightly acidic aftertaste. This apple is also used to produce a good cider.


The "Sergeant" apple is very similar to another bell variety, the Annurca, although slightly larger and vaguely more aromatic; its plant is very vigorous.


The fruit is small, flattened and asymmetrical, and has a medium thin thickness peel characterized by a light reddish-yellow color on the surface. Its white, compact and crisp flesh is very juicy and has a sweet and aromatic taste.


The shape of the tuber is variable depending on the cultivar and the environment: it may be round, oval, elliptical and claviform, and the skin may be yellowish, red or purple.


Papaccelle, also called "paprecchie" or "pupaccelle", are small globose peppers of intense red, yellow or green, crushed to the poles, with a full and crisp solid pulp and a very aromatic and characteristic flavor. Some ecotypes are more or less spicy, and are mostly used to be preserved under vinegar.


The mastantuono pear is a very small, rounded pear, with a short peduncle of yellowish color with brown spots and scars and its pulp is soft and fragrant. The Pear Mastantuono, as well as freshly consumed, is also excellent for processing: it is a preferred ingredient for packaging the jam, or is used in pastry.


Acacia honey is harvested between April and October. Chestnut honey has a color that varies from amber to dark brown, a very strong and penetrating smell and a bitter bitter taste. The sunflower honey tends to crystallize, it has a vivid yellow color and a delicate odor and a slightly herbaceous and refreshing flavor. The honey on it has a delicate flavor. Millefiori honey is derived from the nectar of different flowers, whose organoleptic characteristics vary, has amber yellow color and has a sweet and delicate flavor.

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