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The ammugliatielli are, basically, lamb's lamb interiors wrapped in a wooden jar, accompanied, possibly, by garlic, parsley, cheese and chili.


The capocollo, or capocollo, is a sausage produced using a cut of meat obtained from the back of the pig's neck, salted, flavored and seasoned for about 4 months.


It is packed exclusively with fresh fatty pork and lean pork, ground salt, dried salt and spices, among which is the abundant chili pepper.


The ciccioli are nothing more than the result of boiling the pork fat parts in a pot, where the liquid part will form, once solidified, the sugna, while the residual solid bones, after squeezing, are the claw.


The rolled bacon is derived from the abdominal area of the pig, processed in different types and shapes, with alternating layers of fat and thin, more or less thin, soft and well-balanced flavor.


The pressed bacon is a smoked salmon produced using the ventral area of the pig, where alternating layers of fat and lean parts.


Typical ham processing begins with a trimming, then salted, pressed, spiced and dried in a smoky place.


To prepare it, use two pieces of lean pig fat, which are triturated, mixed with salt, pepper and fennel seeds, saushed and dried.


In addition to the lung, from which it is named, to pack it, you also use other interior, heart, liver, with the addition of cotiche, bags, spiced and dried.


In order to preserve sausages for a long time and avoid oxidation of the meat, the traditional method of conservation under sugna is used in glazed or glass ceramic jars filled with dissolved sugars.


The best meats are cut into small pieces, salted spiced, kneaded, and let them rest for a few hours. The next steps are sacking, drying and shearing underneath.

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