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Benevento has a very articulated history, in some ways wrapped in mystery.

Many have heard about "Janare, or more commonly the witches of Benevento", legendary characters whose fame spread during the era of Lombard domination.
The belief in the existence of witches, in fact, was born and fused with the resonance of the rituals related to the worship of god Wothan. The ritual envisioned that the Longobard knights intertwining in equestrian carousels and unrestrained races, launched arrows against a goat skin hanging on a walnut tree.
This practice officially ended with the conversion to the Longobards Christianity and the abolition of the "demonic" walnut by the will of Bishop Barbato, unofficially continued among the Beneventan population especially among women.
Legend has come to this day, leaving traces in popular literature, music and tradition.
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