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The "Caudine Forks" were an ebullient humiliation that characterizes the mythical defeat of the Roman army by the Sanniti soldiers.

Historians of the time emphasized that the Sannites had an eternal victory, as this historical episode would have remained unaltered in the centuries and in the memory of men. The strength and temper of the "Roman legions" had been plagued by the passage under the "yoke".
The Sannites had conquered the heroism and pride of the Roman army.
The historical narrative reports that the Roman forces camped at Calatia in the plain near Maddaloni and headed for Lucera to help them fell into an ambush in the throats of the Caudio by the Sanniti commanded by Caio Ponzio.
The Roman soldiers, unarmed and stripped of the garments, suffered the disgrace and shame of passing under the "yoke", passing through cross-beams, among the sannites of the hannits.

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