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It is called "copeta" that primordial nougat, known from the time of the Romans, made up of honey, egg white, almonds or hazelnuts, blended together and cooked in a bain-marie.

Nougat, a more sophisticated shrike covered with nasp or sugar grain, spread in the seventeenth century in three varieties: the Perfect Love - covered with chocolate, lemon or coffee; the Ingranito - enriched with cannellini confetti - and the Nougat of the Pope - consisting of liqueur sugar, pine nuts and syrupy fruit.
Over time, nougat became a very popular dessert, so at the beginning of the 20th century, production increased with the rise of so many small companies.
In the national and international landscape, Benevento is known for the delicacy and genuineness of its confectionery product.
In 1891, San Marco dei Cavoti was born, one of the best-known varieties of nougat, Crunchy Torrone, consisting of crushed sugar, almonds and hazelnuts and covered with dark chocolate.
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