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The Longobards, in 568, coming from the areas of today's Hungary, arrived in Italy through Friuli and settled there, choosing Pavia as the capital of the Kingdom and nominating the Duchy of Benevento.

The Duchy of Benevento lasted until 1077, when it fell under the pontifical rule with a remarkable historical period: the city's urbanism expanded, the cultural and religious activity grew, rebuilding abbeys, churches, monuments with thrilling centers of culture.
N 663, with the conversion of the Longobards to Christianity, Benevento became a remarkable center of production and cultural experiences; such as "beneventan writing" and "singing beneventano"; the "sacred via longobardorum" note, the road of the pilgrims, who from Benevento along the path of Traiana reached Mount Gargano, a place of faith in honor of San Michele Arcangelo, patron of the Longobards.
The micaelic cult recaptures its natives to the war episode of 8 May 650, when the Benaventan Longobards rejected an attack by the Byzantines who wanted to take possession of the sanctuary dedicated to the Archangel on Mount Gargano, and it was remarkable throughout the Middle Ages.
They certainly contributed to the growth of St. Michael's worship in the Sanctuary, where there are countless shrines he honored, the events of transhumance and pilgrimages to the Gargano.
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