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The strawberry, otherwise called strawberry rosé, is an ancient specialty. It is a liqueur with a pleasant dark red color and a sweet flavor, with a typical alcoholic content around 35 °.


It is a rosemary of isabella color, light hazel, with an alcoholic degree of about 30 °, with a particularly sweet flavor.


Nocillo or nocino is a very old, dark-colored and very high alcoholic whiteness, around 40 °, with its digestive properties and its delicious bitter flavor.


Cider is, practically, apple wine and the economically poor economy that characterized the Sannio of the early 1900s, led local peasants to use local lemon and apple apples to produce cider substitutes for grape wine. The cider has a sweet and fruity flavor and about 8 ounces of alcohol.


Wines born from a secular tradition, from an environment particularly suited to the cultivation of the vineyard, but above all by a careful, passionate and convivial action of valorization of valuable local vines. So the elegant wines are born: Falanghina, Foxtail and Greek, for whites, Aglianico for the reds.
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